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The Spring, located in Blairstown, New Jersey, is on a seventy-five acre parcel of land consisting mostly of dense forest which naturally protects the source. The spring produces in excess of ten million gallons of water every day, at a constant temperature of 47 degrees year round regardless of surface temperatures. The majority of the water feeds into a twenty-five acre pond, with only a small fraction of the water being captured.

The water that is captured is filtered multiple times at the spring, with the final filtration being one micron. In addition to filtration, the water is ozonated, which serves to sterilize both the water and everything it touches. After being transported to our bottling plant in a dedicated 6,000-gallon spring water tanker, the water is ozonated once again prior to going into a bottle.

All bottles that come into our bottling plant are given a sniff test, followed by a cycle through our bottle washer. The bottle washer uses a specialty biodegradable soap, and the final rinse uses ozonated water to ensure that each and every bottle is sterilized before being filled. The bottles travel from washer into the filling room where they are filled and capped.

During the hot months of the summer we sell over 100,000 gallons of water per day. Our goal is to provide our valued customers with water that is as clean, pure, and delicious in a bottle as when it is offered up from beneath the mountains. Our many years of business and many satisfied customers suggest that we are achieving that goal.

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